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Potential topics

I've spoken about a variety of topics and customize each presentation for my audience. Here are some things that I've talked about before:

  • Maps - art maps, city government GIS, new map tech (vector tiles, WebGL), libraries (D3, Leaflet, Google, OpenStreetMap)
  • Civic tech - opening up data, the Code for America fellowship
  • International development - One Laptop per Child (Uganda, Uruguay, Haiti, Marshall Islands, Nepal), civic tech in Asia (Burma/Myanmar, Mongolia)
  • Airbnb - my life as a nomad, living only in Airbnbs worldwide (for over 2 years now -Quartz article)
  • Databases - geospatial queries, graph databases and the Panama Papers, posting your data as an API
  • Encryption - Bitcoin/Ethereum, Post-Quantum Encryption, Tor and the Dark Net
  • Learning to Code - prototypes with Arduino, various approaches to teaching programming
  • Language support - Unicode, right-to-left/Arabic support, i18n for maps, processing Burmese/Myanmar text, the Unicode crossword

Serious, longform talks

Wiring, Soldering, and Prototyping (RobotsConf)

If One Laptop per Child were started today... (JSConf Iceland)

Demolition and Dali in a Graph Database (GitHub CodeConf workshop)

Fun, short talks

Maps No One Wants (Ignite SF)

Interactive Fiction and the Hobbit Moon Map (Ignite NYC)

Unicode vs the World (Code for America)

Living on the Run with Airbnb (NextEconomy Summit)